Wednesday, November 4, 2020

COVID-19 : Masks, Science, Hearts & More....

Covid-19 has been around for almost a year now.

Many have fallen sick with the virus. Some have succumbed to it. 

Many countries are witnessing a second wave and some have gone into lockdown yet again. 

Hospitals are under pressure to generate beds and treatment plans for patients afflicted with the corona virus.  

Healthcare workers are exhausted and frustrated. Their exhaustion is not solely due to the fact that many of them are putting in longer hours at work. Unfortunately, it stems from a grimmer reality of being abused mentally and emotionally by the world.

Like the empaths of the energy healing community, empathic healthcare workers are often challenged by the heavy energies they encounter day after day. Being a healer, this scenario is of interest as well as concern to me ; interest because much of what healthcare professionals experience is similar to what is experienced by energy healers. And concern because unlike energy healers, doctors and nurses don't seem to have a choice and need to put up with all the garbage that is thrown their way.  

In order to manage the pandemic, three medical advisories have been issued to the entire world-

1. Wearing of masks in the presence of others, fitted properly over the nose and mouth. 

2. Maintaining a distance of six feet among people.

3. Washing hands often and thoroughly

None of this is a big deal in itself. However, it is being made out to be a big deal by many. 

Many people feel put off by the idea of wearing masks. While some are indifferent, others feel it is a form of control. Some are rebellious and thoughtless disobedience is second nature to them. This inherent need to rebel also fuels their lack of motivation to wear masks.

Everyone has their own reasons and theories for why they will not wear masks. While I try to be as less judgmental of people as possible, in this case, it is hard for me to be so. 

Coming from a family with roots in medicine, I do not see why my family and friends in the medical community must wear heavy protective equipment all day long when just wearing a mask is too much of a burden for the public. 

I do not see why my folk must put themselves at risk when others around them don't care one wee bit.

We, in the energy healing community, tell our clients that we can help them provided they are also willing to take responsibility for their lives.

So, why must healers in the medical community go out of their way to help a world that largely doesn't care?

Worse still is when people who contract the virus (very often due to their own negligence) and choose to get treated at high end hospitals blame the hospitals for generating a bill for their treatment! 

It's time to wake up...

Private healthcare in India as well as many other parts of the globe isn't running on charity. If one wants treatment in a setup with advanced facilities and great ambience, one must be willing to pay. Else, go to charitable healthcare facilities that treat for a very nominal fee.

Even better would be to take all necessary precautions as advised by doctors themselves, so you reduce or eliminate the need to land in any hospital.

A mask is a piece of cloth that traps viruses every time someone sneezes, coughs or talks and prevents it from reaching others around them. 

Is it fool proof? 

May not be.  

Does it reduce risk significantly. 


So that's a good enough reason to wear it. 

There is no hidden agenda behind asking someone to wear masks.

It is an act of care extended to yourself and to others around you. 

A bit of logic and a bit of heart can help anyone understand and accept this simple science.

As a healer, I can do what is for the highest good of all or I can find fault and create a conspiracy out of everything that unfolds in the 3D world. 

If I expect clients to follow certain general guidelines when they come to me for energy healing, it is only fair that I also follow the guidelines laid out by the medical community during a pandemic. 

Everything we think, say and do can contribute to the greater good or take away from it. The choice of course remains ours!

On a final note, I would like to appreciate the healthcare community for its infinite patience and hard work. It isn't easy being in a low vibrational setup every single day, treating people who just need an opportunity to be critical, condescending or rebellious. I wish I could tell you to stop being so professional and large hearted. But I am well aware that medicine isn't like energy healing, where we do have the choice to say "NO" to someone who refuses to take responsibility for their life. 

God bless you all!

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COVID-19 : Masks, Science, Hearts & More....

Covid-19 has been around for almost a year now. Many have fallen sick with the virus. Some have succumbed to it.  Many countries are witness...