Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Complete Circle of Healing

 I grew up in a family that had a strong relationship with a physician. He was patient and kind and took care of all my healthcare needs right from the time that I was a toddler until my early twenties.

As a child, I looked forward to visiting the doctor, for I was fascinated by the colourful potions he stored in huge glass containers. Besides, I knew those potions had the power to help me feel better when unwell.

Energy healing also made an appearance in my childhood. I often saw my friend’s mother standing near her plants, with her palms over them. My friend told me her mother was practising something called “Reiki.” Witnessing Reiki gave me a sense of peace and comfort and touched my heart in ways it is hard to describe. 

Fast forward a decade… and it was 2007.

I found myself seated in a Reiki training class.

I was in the depths of despair as my life was in a mess.

Reiki practice helped me turn my life around and gave me the final push I needed to make some huge positive shifts in my life.

Once I was officially part of the energy healing circle, I constantly bumped into folks who seemed ‘anti-modern medicine’. I heard that medicine is 'bad' and that energy healing is far superior. Though I had no such previous bias towards medicine, I began to absorb some of what I heard.

Around the same time, I bumped into my soul companion, interestingly, a doctor of modern medicine!

He served as a mirror and showed me exactly where I was developing unhealthy resistance.

He taught me the meaning of scientific inquiry and objective thinking, which are the pillars of modern medicine.

Almost as if to teach me further, destiny had me develop  a life threatening pregnancy induced medical condition. And I was left with no choice but to turn to modern medicine to help me through it and stay alive!

At this point, I began to drop the bias I had absorbed from some of my energy healer friends. 

I was also angry and disappointed as I realised my expectations of energy healing has been erroneous.

I turned to the other extreme and disconnected completely from  my energy healing practices. This didn’t serve me well either, for I soon realised that science alone cannot fulfil all human needs.

It is but one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin needs to be seen and nurtured as well.

In the process of nurturing my newly discovered scientific and logical side, I had completely ignored my intuitive and spiritual side.  And it left me feeling miserable and somewhat empty. This in turn created new problems that couldn't be solved by science or medicine!

At this point, I made the choice to bring energy healing back into my life...

As I placed my Reiki healing hands on my body again, I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

The circle felt complete!


                                   Image by Rafael Javier from Pixabay

I am now completely in tune with both science and spirit and know exactly what to pick when.

An antacid that effectively relieves abdominal discomfort is to me as much a healing agent as Reiki that gives me physical rest, emotional well-being and spiritual connection.

I know and accept that pharmaceutical pills treat several medical conditions effectively and I have no hesitation in popping them if required.

I also know that energy healing is there to support me through everything that happens in life - medical or non-medical. I turn to it every single day to recharge and to nurture my body, mind and spirit. 

It doesn’t have to work like an antacid though, for the super power of energy healing lies in its softer approach!

And that to me is as miraculous as the working of the antacid!

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