Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Gift of Pharmaceuticals : Stories from the Heart

Story 1 - 2007

As a newly trained Reiki practitioner, I got to hear a lot about pharmaceuticals and their side effects.

I experienced a healing crisis right after my Reiki Level 1 class. As I made my way back home from the class, I came down with a cold and fever.

My teacher had told me that in the event of a healing crisis, I must allow the body to purge and must preferably avoid medicines. She believed medicines would interfere with the process of healing.

This was the first time I heard someone tell me not to take medication. However, since it came from my teacher, I believed there must be some validity to the advice. So I held on for a day and put up with the fever. But the symptoms worsened. I called my teacher and told her I was having a very hard time. She maintained that I must avoid pharma meds and that a native medicine remedy could help if I was extremely uncomfortable.

I purchased an over the counter native medicine pill suggested by her. However, it did not relieve my discomfort. Another day passed and I continued to feel miserable. I called my teacher again and told her I couldn’t tolerate the high fever and fatigue any more. I insisted that I must take the pharma medication I would have taken under normal circumstances.  

She gave in and said I could go ahead.

I wasted no time and popped the pill. It gave me much needed relief from the burning fever and helped me feel less exhausted. 

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

Once my temperature dropped, it automatically got easier for me to keep up with my Reiki practice and also to enjoy it. I was on 'day 3 of the 21 day cleansing process' that all practitioners must adhere to after training for any level of Reiki.

As I practised Reiki in peace and comfort, I wondered what all the fuss had been about. I couldn’t understand why medicine would interfere with my process of energy healing. Was it a fact or was it just my teacher's personal belief and bias towards pharma that she had thrust upon me?

In my experience, a high fever was not getting me anywhere in terms of being able to relax and practice Reiki. But the medicine made me comfortable enough to get back into the loop and focus on my energy work. I was wondering why there needed to be a dichotomy between the two. The medicine may have a different chemistry. But is a healing agent too.

At the end of the 21 day period, I realized that the pharma med had in no way interfered with my energy work.

In fact, by relieving my symptoms, it had helped me practice Reiki with greater ease. I emerged feeling empowered and vitalized at the end of 21 days. As I basked in the warmth of Reiki each day, I slipped into deep levels of relaxation and high levels of consciousness. I underwent a profound inner shift. I gathered the courage to make much needed changes in my life and experienced several breakthroughs, the biggest of them being manifesting a romantic relationship that was a match to my personal vibration.

Story 2 – 2009

Pharmaceutical pills gave me symptomatic relief in the year 2007. I would have recovered even if I had not popped those pills. I may have suffered my way to recovery but my life wasn’t at stake.

The year 2009 was different in that pharma literally saved my life.

I developed a life threatening condition late in pregnancy. The condition stalled the growth of my baby and she couldn’t make it into this world.

However, modern medicine managed to save my life.

As I lay in hospital with a heavy heart, grieving the loss of my baby, I felt grateful for the fact that I was still alive. I felt grateful for the scientific research that had made saving my life and the lives of many expectant mothers a possibility.  

Story 3 – 2020

An energy healer friend of mine has lived with poorly managed diabetes and hypertension for a decade. Due to her bias towards pharmaceuticals, she avoided them and sought the support of native medicine instead. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be an effective remedy for the management of her medical conditions. Her condition worsened over the years and she recently landed in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital.

She deteriorated overnight and there was uncertainty over her ability to make it. However, doctors did the best they could and managed to help her stay alive. This to me was another miracle of pharmaceuticals. Sadly however, due to the fact that she neglected her condition for ten years, her kidneys are damaged and she now has to receive prolonged treatment to set the damage right. Nonetheless, she is grateful to be alive.And so am I.

Image by TanteTati from Pixabay

My life experiences have helped me develop a positive relationship with pharma. I do not see pharma as ‘toxic.’ Instead, I see it as a gift to mankind and also to some other species. I do understand that pharmaceuticals have potential side effects, which can be toxic. However, since the side effects are documented and drugs are prescribed only when their benefits are greater than the risks, I have developed a very comfortable equation with them.

I do not find it strange that I am an energy healer and I look up to pharma. I do not mind if my energy healer friends find my thought process perplexing. While I honour others in the energy healing community who make different choices, this is the reality I have chosen for myself.

Being an energy healer does not mean I must heal every problem through the application of energy based practices. I understand that I am part of the physical world as much as I am part of an energy world.

While there is a huge overlap between the two worlds, they are also different in many ways.

I have an energy body that is nourished by 'chi' but my physical body still needs food to eat.

My astral body can travel millions of light years to connect with the stars but my physical body needs an auto mobile to travel a few hundred kilometres.

Since I am comfortable travelling in an auto mobile which is in no way natural or etheric, I  am also comfortable taking the support of synthetic medicine when required.

While energy practices support healing on one level, medicine supports healing on another level. I do not see a dichotomy between scientific healing and energy healing any more. I believe everything has its inherent value. The choice to recognise the beauty and richness of every form of healing is ours!   


Monday, July 20, 2020

Empowered Medicine : A Yin Yang Model of Healing

Empowered Medicine is the name I was guided to give to a comprehensive model of healing that has been conceptualised in the book 'When Spirit Meets Science.' 

This book was authored by me and my soul partner Suraj. It describes a yin-yang model of healing that is based on the best of scientific medicine and intuitive healing. We conceptualised this model after a decade long journey that pushed us outside of our comfort zones and got us to explore territory that was very different from what each of us was accustomed to. 
As an energy healer, I was exposed to the concrete world of medical science, research methodology and evidence based healing. 
As a surgeon, my partner was exposed to the subtler world of Reiki, energy based healing and intuitive practices. 
In the initial stages of our journey, we were at loggerheads with each other, for both of us rigidly held on to our own view of reality. However, over time, life presented us with circumstances that forced us to see the opposite side and to appreciate the richness that lay there. 
This journey culminated in the birth of the book - "When Spirit Meets Science."
The book is divided into three sections and one section of the book is titled "Empowered Medicine."
This article will touch upon four prominent features of this model.

Features of 'Empowered Medicine’
Principle of multidimensional healing - The human being/patient is seen as someone who exists on different planes - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Therefore, the process of healing is tailored to address each of these aspects.  
Comprehensive Healing Center - Such a healing centre caters to the broad spectrum of healing requirements that exists on Planet Earth - emergency, medical and surgical services, as well as wellness and energy healing therapies are offered under one roof. There is a seamless interconnection between different services and each therapy is honoured for what it offers. There is no sense of competition or judgement among specialities and practitioners. Each of them recognises that they play a unique role, all of which are significant in the larger context of healing. 
Integrative Treatment Plans- The best of wellness and energy therapies are offered alongside the best of evidence based medicine. Many 'alternative therapies’ of today emerge with a strong evidence base and demonstrate how best they can help with any given condition. These therapies are not viewed as ‘alternative’ any more, but as an ‘essential and invaluable’ aspect of healing. For instance, yoga may be incorporated with obstetric care, Reiki may help patients who need help with managing stress and uncertainty, Emotional Freedom Technique may help with management of emotions during illness and meditation may be adopted as a general practice for all patients. Customised healing plans are formulated for individual patients, based on their unique needs. 
High Levels of Consciousness - The levels of human consciousness in the Comprehensive Healing Centre are extremely high. Right from the medical staff and energy healers working there to the patients coming in, every one vibrates at higher levels of consciousness than what is currently witnessed in the average human being. People who are passionate about healing are part of the work force. They are kind, compassionate and empathetic yet firm. Patients are co-operative and trusting of their healthcare providers. On the physical level, they surrender and trust their healing team to do the needful for them. On the spiritual level, they take responsibility for their health/health conditions and know they have an active part to be play in their healing. A divine partnership of love, trust and mutual respect exists between the healing team and the patient, thereby facilitating effective healing. 
The conceptualisation of ‘Empowered Medicine’ and the creation of this entire book was overseen by the Ascended Master Lord Ganesha and the Archangel Gabriel. My soul partner and I simply served as channels to put the content down on paper. I trust that whoever resonates with this vision of "Empowered Medicine" will be guided by Divinity to come together to create it. 

Love and Light!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Soul Lessons from Healthcare, Reiki & Life

While I was growing up, I experienced a personalised relationship with my family physician. He was a calm, patient and wise doctor who I felt very comfortable with. He took care of my healthcare needs right from the time that I was a toddler, right up till my early twenties. All of us in my family looked up to our family physician and completely trusted the medical care he offered to each of us.

As a child, I looked forward to visiting his clinic. The colourful healing potions he stored in huge glass containers fascinated me! I knew that slurping them down would give me relief from whatever was bothering me.

That's all there was to my experience of illness as a child - absolute trust in a doctor who knew his job and also in my body's inherent ability to get better.

Image by Teja Basireddy from Pixabay

Then dawned the era of the internet. A huge body of medical information became freely available to the world. This revolution came with many advantages but also presented one huge disadvantage. With easy access to medical information, more and more people tried to make sense of their symptoms by reading through the internet. Many attempted to self diagnose their ailments. I am guilty of having done so too! 

However, soon after I tied the knot with a doctor, I experienced a huge inner shift. I understood that reading medical literature does not make one a doctor just as reading through a flying manual does not make one a pilot. Training to be a doctor requires years of hard work and clinical experience.

Trying to self diagnose can create a false perception of being knowledgeable and boost one's ego. This in turn can cause one to be suspicious of medical professionals and to challenge their expertise on a subject they have spent years mastering. Such an approach can be detrimental to a doctor-patient partnership. It destroys trust and innocence - two significant spiritual qualities to be cultivated by all walking the path of Light.

The challenges that were taking birth in the medical world became even more evident to me once I trained as a Reiki Master Teacher and began offering sessions to clients. 

I found that Reiki sessions went extremely well with clients who trusted me and allowed me to do my job. When clients came with rigid pre-conceived ideas and gave me a written script to follow, the energy felt blocked and the sessions didn't go well. With experience, I learnt to recognise potentially 'troublesome clients,' working with whom wouldn't be in their best interest or mine. I decided it wasn't worth my time or effort trying to work with someone who was not ready to let their guard down.

However, as a doctor in the mainstream, my partner does not have that luxury, No matter how troublesome or unreasonable patients may appear, he is obligated to treat them. This is the case with all doctors in the mainstream.

Trust and innocence are two qualities all of us had as children. We may have lost them as a result of harsh and unpleasant experiences we had during our growing up years. We may even feel it is dangerous to have such qualities in a world that seems largely dark, However, it is these very qualities that have the potential to make the world a nicer and happier place.

It is never too late to reclaim the wonderful qualities we may have lost. We aren't children any more but the essence of our inner child is alive in us. Connecting with this essence can help bring our lost sparks back to life. Being trusting and innocent does not mean being gullible. Since darkness also exists in this world, there are times that will call for us to be vigilant. However, more often than not, operating on the wavelengths of trust and innocence can bring a high vibrational quality to our lives and help us shine our inner lights brighter! 

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