Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Taking Responsibility : The Angel in the Emergency Room

As dawn breaks, the Emergency Room at ABC Medical Centre is buzzing with activity. 
The doctors and nurses who have been on call for the last twelve hours are winding up, while others are preparing to begin their shifts. 

Many of them have not eaten a proper nourishing meal in the hours gone by. 

None of them have slept the whole night.

Some of them are mentally and emotionally drained. They had to calm the angry family members of a patient with a heart attack, who yelled their throats out, demanding that their kin be saved at any cost.

One doctor is physically hurt. An accident victim could not be revived and the victim's friend broke a glass panel in retaliation. A piece of glass flew at the doctor and cut his face. 

The accident victim was a 30 year old man who indulged in drunken driving and crashed into a lamp post.

High strung dramas have become routine at the ER. Despite the ongoing chaos, doctors continue to show up there, day after day and night after night, hoping that today might just be a little easier than yesterday, yet prepared to handle the worst. 

They wish their training had made it possible for them to perform miracles so no one would ever have to leave the hospital feeling angry or sad.

They wish patients would understand that medicine is not a perfect science or a miracle therapy. It does work miracles very often. But it has its limits and does not come with guarantees for all patients 24/7/365.  

A ten year old girl Tina who was brought into the ER with a fractured arm silently witnesses everything unfolding there.

Tina says softly to her mother, "Mummy, why are the people coming in here so angry? Why do they yell at and hurt the doctors who are trying to help them?" 

Mummy says, "Dear Child, when things goes wrong, people often look for someone to blame, even when the other person is not responsible in any way."

Tina says, " Hmm....That man drove while drunk and crashed into a lamp post. So, his friend ought to have been angry with him for not using common sense and not with the doctors."

Mama says,"Yes my dear! Doctors are there to assist the process of healing. They are humans. They are not magicians who can perform miracles when none are possible." 

The doctor who was hurt comes to check on how Tina is doing. 

Tina looks up at him and says, "Doctor, are you alright? I am sorry you got hurt. You are truly brave." 

The doctor is touched by the little girl's gesture. He squeezes her hand and says, 
"I am alright. Thank you Tina."

He smiles and goes about his work as usual. The doctors have learnt how to numb their emotions  and to tune out when unpleasant things happen to them.  

As the man who broke the glass panel is restrained by security personnel, an Angel of Healing appears and casts a big bubble of love and pink light over the ER. 

She whispers, 

"In the near future, this ER will be a safe and loving space. Doctors and nurses shall work peacefully and attend to patients with no fear of being hurt. Patients shall awaken to the fact that they themselves are primarily responsible for their safety, health and well being. Patients shall recognise that each soul has its own journey and each person has their own karma to work through. It is not a doctor's responsibility to save every patient at any cost. Their responsibility is to do their human best, with the skills and training they have received. One day soon, this space shall be full of love, tranquillity, higher understanding and wisdom. And so it is." 

The bubble of light stays over the ER and flows to all the medical workers and patients, opening minds, touching hearts and awakening souls.  

Soul Lessons

Taking responsibility for one self is a valuable lesson to master on the spiritual path.  

Violence is a low vibrational way to respond in any situation.  
Violence is never the answer or the solution.

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